Products Offered at the Farm - Summer 2022    

Our main objective at our farm is to use products that grown naturally, directly at the farm.  

For us, we want our clients to experience the full farm setting as soon as you arrive.  Get greeted from our run free Chicks and Roosters.  

As you walk in, look around, as most of our products are grown on the farm.  From our Rose Garden, our Herb Garden, Vegetable Garden and much more.  You will be able to see, touch, taste and eventually drink our craft products, made at the Farm! 

You will have a sense and a better appreciation of your food and product provenance.

Our Main Star - Haskap Berries

Our farm is over 75 acres of farm land, which over 5 acres is dedicated to our Haskap Orchard.   

We planted over 5000 naturally Grown Haskap Berries Trees.  

You will be able to purchase or go to our U-Pick (summer 2022-2023).  Or you can simply taste one of our concoction from our Distillery and Boutique.

Haskap Berries

Coming Soon [ Summer 2022 ]

Vegetables - Various

Available [ Summer 2022 ]

Sweet Cherries

Available [ Summer 2022 ]

Naturally Grown Garlic & Scapes
​No Pesticides. No Fertilizer.

Available [ Fall 2021 ]

Craft Distillery | Distillerie artisanale

Opening to Public in 2022.  Stay Tune!


Where can I purchase any advertised Farm Products?

Our Farm & Distillery will open to the public in 2022.  We are looking forward in welcoming you soon.

Do you only offer Organic Products?

Everything that we grow at our farm are grown naturally.   We use the highest quality of seeds available.  We use traditional ways of farming, without any pesticides.  We are on our way of getting our farm "Certified Organic".  Once certified, we will announce it.  Stay Tuned.

What is the best way to be kept up-to-date with all the activities at the farm?

The best way, is thru social media; Our Facebook page or Instagram.

Did you know our farm and distillery used renewable energy?

Our distillery is equipped with renewable energy system.   As we are using a water well, we are very conscious of our water usage.  Once it goes thru our stills, and comes out as hot water, it will be used to heat the distillery in the winter time.   We have a no lost recovery pump, to filtered it back in the well.  We are also planning to add solar panels at the farm.  #SustainableFarming


Our partners play a major role at our farm.  *Full list coming soon

*Veuillez noter que notre page en français va être disponible sou peu.  Merci de votre compréhension !