• The [Crooked River] is the river  running inland in the Valley of Memramcook.

  • Crooked River Farm | Rivière Tordue

    Reconnue comme la rivière tordue (il y en a qui préfère utiliser "Croche") ; c'est la rivière qui traverse au travers de la vallée de Memramcook.
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    Haskap Berries: Little Present at the End of the Branch
    Camerises: Petit cadeau au bout d'une branche

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Welcome to Our Farm

Made in Memramcook, New Brunswick, Canada, our Products are created in small, handcrafted batches with Haskap sourced from our Orchards. 

Haskap is an ancient Japanese name from the Ainu people of Northern Japan for the fruit meaning “berry of long life and good vision”.

Health Benefits | Super, Super Food!!

They are believed to be beneficial in treating chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, and cataracts. 

Antioxidants are also crucial to digestive health as they promote a healthy immune system as well as the growth of good bacteria. 

Haskap berries are also high in potassium, which is needed to build protein and muscle, metabolize carbohydrates, and maintain normal body growth. Potassium, along with the help of sodium, helps to balance fluid and electrolyte levels in the body, which is important for hydration.

As you can see from the attached Nutritional facts, this fruit is high in Vitamin C and A along with high in Fibre and Potassium.

Did you know that “Memramcook” is a Mi’kmaq name 
that meansCrooked River”? 

‍Dating back to 1700, the Parish of Memramcook’s first settlers were aboriginal peoples from the Mi’kmaq Tribe who made their home along the river. 

Many controversies marked the final spelling choice of the parish’s name for example: Memramcouke

It was written as “Memeramcouque”, and then it was “Mamramkook”. 

Finally, after many years, they universally adopted the spelling as “Memramcook”.

Come and visit us at our Farm in Memramcook!

What are Haskap Berries?

Haskap is the Japanese name for Lonicera caerulea, also known as Edible Blue Honeysuckle. 

Haskap is an ancient Japanese name of the Ainu people of Northern Japan for the fruit meaning "berry of long life and good vision".

The Origines of the [Haskap] Name

HASKAP is the Japanese name for Lonicera caerulea. 

It has also been known as ‘Blue Honeysuckle’, ‘Honeyberry’, ‘Edible Honeysuckle’ and ‘Sweet Berry Honeysuckle’. 

When translated into English, it is sometimes spelled as Hascap, Haskaap and Hasukappu.

New Super Berry.

They have as much as three times the amount of antioxidants as a blueberry, making it a nutrient-packed superfood.

Haskap berries have an extremely high ORAC value and specifically they have high levels of Anthocyanins, Poly Phenols and Bioflavanoids.

Source: Haskap.ca

Proud Members

We are proud members of various associations within Canada.  Supporting the Farming Community.

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